High quality translation services for technical, medical, industrial,information technology related documents. Tokyo, Japan. INTERMEDIA, Inc.

  • 翻訳サービス
  • 翻訳者・通訳者手配
  • 会社情報
  • お見積り
  • 人材募集
アプリ販売用テキスト/マニュアル翻訳サービス TCS(Transglobal Communication Support)
4F New Kudan Bldg. 3-7-1 Kanda Jinbocho, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo 101-0051 Japan (c/o GLOVA Corporation)
Tel: +81-3-6893-8941
Fax: +81-3-6685-8940

INTERMEDIA is different from other general staffing services companies in that we specialize in sending interpreters and translators who are immediately productive. Our registered staffing services personnel have already passed our exhaustive in-house testing program and met our registration criteria; moreover they have the personalities that will allow them to smoothly fit into your corporate culture.

INTERMEDIA's staffing service policy is to “supply staff with great personalities and excellent abilities who will make you delighted to have them in your company.”

We are able to handle the following kinds of work that includes:

  • Highly confidential translation projects where documents can not leave the company
  • Translation projects you want to effectively lead through direct instructions to the translator
  • Projects where you want to gather together a team of translators to complete the job non-stop
  • Translation projects that include interpreting

We are able to handle the following kinds of work that includes:

  • Conferences, business discussions, lectures, seminars
  • Exhibitions, product explanations and demonstrations
  • Factory visits, equipment installation, operation and testing

English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Korean and others

General IT, medicine, industrial machinery, and other areas

Basic fee
Travel expenses
Translator dispatch
From 5,000 yen per hour
To cover actual costs
Interpreter dispatch
From 50,000 yen (half day)
To cover actual costs

Limited to within Japan.

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