High quality translation services for technical, medical, industrial,information technology related documents. Tokyo, Japan. INTERMEDIA, Inc.

アプリ販売用テキスト/マニュアル翻訳サービス TCS(Transglobal Communication Support)
4F New Kudan Bldg. 3-7-1 Kanda Jinbocho, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo 101-0051 Japan (c/o GLOVA Corporation)
Tel: +81-3-6893-8941
Fax: +81-3-6685-8940


最高の品質 これがインターメディアのモットーです。

Ten different translators can translate the same text in ten different ways. But among those ten translations, you'll find one that is commonly recognized to be outstanding, and that is the one INTERMEDIA consistently delivers.
To achieve this high level of performance, we make full use of translation expertise built up over many years. You will also find us always eager to respond to your immediate needs, by providing you with the most appropriate translations for your individual requirements.

Besides translations between English and Japanese, we also offer translations among a wide range of other languages (see list below) covering a variety of technical and commercial fields.
Through our copy writing services we bridge cultures to provide brochures, product catalogues, and sales promotion documents that are powerful and persuasive in their target languages. Here again, our experience is a valuable asset, especially for companies breaking into the Japanese market.
Of course, we treat all documents and their content with total confidentiality, and guarantee their safe custody.


Japanese, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Chinese (Mandarin), Russian, and other European languages


Pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, chemicals, biotechnology, computers, telecommunications, IT, precision instruments, electronics, machinery, civil engineering, aeronautics, and others.


User manuals, instruction manuals, specifications, catalogues, company brochures, research papers, annual reports, fact sheets, magazines, newspaper articles, legislative papers, contracts, patents, tape transcriptions, scientific meeting and seminar reports, press releases, correspondence, and others.


* 24-hour Quick Translation service via e-mail
* Proofreading by specialists in their native languages
* Copywriting
* Transcription
* Narration
* Web site production and graphic design
* DTP and printing
* Translation customized for smartphone applications
* Translation of smart phone application software

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When the quality of the translation is low, the schedules of the downstream processes are severely affected - resulting in significant lost opportunities. INTERMEDIA only use professional translators who have passed the rigorous quality examinations of your industry sector and who have a long-standing relationship with us. Since we are always aiming to deliver translations of the highest quality, your downstream processes will run smoothly.


INTERMEDIA keeps your source language / target language translation memories in a database so that if an identical sentence occurs in a subsequent manual, it can be instantly matched to a translation memory in the database and the translation can be reused - saving time and money and reducing your quality control burden.


INTERMEDIA has a wealth of experience in the use of advanced information technology in the production, conversion and processing of documents, video and still images, so we can handle any data format. We can achieve OSMU (One Source Multi Use) by converting a single data source format to multiple output formats to produce various products from a single source at minimal cost.


INTERMEDIA offers the technologies and services described above at low costs so you will really feel the benefits of our superior cost-performance. We offer effective support for your business through our quality, delivery times, pricing and service.

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