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アプリ販売用テキスト/マニュアル翻訳サービス TCS(Transglobal Communication Support)
4F New Kudan Bldg. 3-7-1 Kanda Jinbocho, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo 101-0051 Japan (c/o GLOVA Corporation)
Tel: +81-3-6893-8941
Fax: +81-3-6685-8940


Translation fees will vary, depending on a variety of factors that include the source language, field, delivery time, volume, job frequency and whether or not the data is already in electronic form. We will meet your budgetary requirements and always offer you a high level of cost performance.

For details, please complete the Free Quote form or telephone us at +81-3-6893-8941 (or 03-6893-8941 if calling from within Japan). Please send any facsimiles to +81-3-6685-8940 (or 03-6685-8940 if calling from within Japan). Our quotes are free of charge. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


English to Japanese
1,500 words of English input per translator per day
Japanese to English
4,000 characters of Japanese input per translator per day

(The daily output volumes listed above will vary, depending on the degree of difficulty of the source text and the file format. Output volumes for translation into other languages may be slightly lower in some cases.)








What is your fee structure?


If you supply us with the source data in electronic form, we can quickly perform a word or character count. Our translation fees will be based on the number of words (or characters) in the source text. If the source text is in printed form we will not be able to make a quick word or character count and therefore the translation fee for the job will be based on the number of words (or characters) in the target text after the translation is completed.


We have a large job that we need translated quickly. Can you handle it?


We can quickly calculate the number of translators we will need for the project (based on our abovementioned daily translator production output and the desired delivery time) and put a team together to handle your job. We can supply the same translation memories and glossaries to several of our translators to maintain terminology consistency. Our in-house checkers perform double-checks of the translations to standardize the quality from the translation team members. If no translation memories or glossaries exist or if you have a very short deadline which requires the job to be allocated among several translators, then quality variation between translators will naturally occur. To moderate these effects, we strive for a balance between quality and delivery time and aim for the best trade-off.


Do you have a special rush-job charge?


If you let us know in advance that you have a translation job in the pipeline, we can place our translators on standby and if the job volume is manageable within the abovementioned daily translator production output then there will be no extra charge. However, if you suddenly place a rush order without letting us know in advance, then we will have to charge an extra 20 to 50% rush rate for the job. Our translation standard is 1,000 words or more of English source text per day for an English-to-Japanese translation, and is 3,000 characters or more of Japanese source per day for a Japanese-to-English translation. If rush rates apply, we will let you know when we give you the quote for the job.


Do the translation charges differ depending on the degree of difficulty?


We charge the same rate even though some source texts may be more difficult to understand and require more research time, resulting in a lower translation speed. This is where the professional translator shows their skill, as the degree of translation difficulty will depend on the ability level of the translator. It is actually very hard to precisely measure “difficulty” as text that is easy for one person to translate may be a lot harder for another. For this reason, INTERMEDIA does not charge a higher rate for “more difficult” translation.


Do you add a surcharge for certain file formats?


INTERMEDIA does not have an additional charge for source text files in Word or simple text formats. The translator will simply overwrite the original text during the translation. On the other hand, for files in Excel, PowerPoint and other formats where the page layout is very complex (i.e., there are a large number of text boxes within the page) and the translator has to spend a lot of time arranging the text within the proper locations, we may have to add an extra charge. We may apply additional charges for the translation of DTP application files (FrameMaker, PageMaker, InDesign, Illustrator, QuarkXpress, etc.)

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